Talk about re-thinking church…..

Jeremy is a friend of mine from seminary who has been serving in the Holston Conference since 2006 who has been re-thinking church in a pretty radical way.  Remedy Church.  Their mission?  “Love God, Love Each Other, and Rock This World with the love of Christ.  We began with the burden that church as we tend to think of it has forgotten the generations of the late 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s and we wanted to do something to connect once again with a culture that has changed drastically over the last half century.  So, any given week you will hear music that is very modern, messages that are practical and about Jesus’ revolutionary call on our lives, and an emphasis on the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors locally and internationally.  We are also committed to being a community that is culturally and racially diverse, and we hope to see cultural and economic gaps in our community crossed as we work to be the people Christ has called us to be.    Their motto?  “No Perfect People Allowed.”   

I think that Jeremy is on to something; something great.  It begs the question of what it really means to live out our mission as a United Methodist Church to “make disciples of Jesus Christ.”  The recent studies that have been released only confirm the need for more outisde-the-box thinking grounded in the truth of the Gospel and our stated mission as United Methodists.

How will we re-think church?


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