Happy All Saints Day!!

Sorry I won’t be handing out candy, but maybe we’ll ring some bells and light some candles!

There is a long history (as in 15+ centuries long) that goes along with All Saints Day which includes Celtic and pagan rituals and festivals, dead spirits wandering the earth, King Charlemagne, various Popes, and Christian martyrs.  Throw in some vampires and you could have a Twilight movie!  You can read that history here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Saints_Day  

Summary: All Saints Day was begun in the West in the 7th century by the Roman Catholic Church at the order of Pope Boniface IV in the 630s in order to honor the martyrs of the church.   The original date was in May.  However, in an effort to stamp out the pagan festivals of Lemuria and Samhein which were in October and were harvest festivals commemorating the dead, All Saints was moved. 

Various Christian traditions celebrate it differently but for most protestant denominations, All Saints Day is a celebration of what God has done in and through the lives of those saints who have died.  The dead are not worshipped as some would say, but God is worshipped for what God has done through those saints and for the impact those saints had on those of us who remain. 

So, Happy All Saints Day!  Glory to God through “the great cloud of witnesses” who have gone before us.  Amen.


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