A few years ago I started a blogspot blog with the same title (don’t look for it I deleted all evidence).  Those years ago I thought I was very original in coming up with the title and my aim was to keep a record of my own life as a seminary student, pastor, new father and husband as we lived in the Blue Grass State – a road certainly less traveled for this SC boy!  

Now, I am back in the Palmetto state serving as a United Methodist pastor in the Spartanburg area and come to find out there are literally thousands of blogs titled “The Road Less Traveled” – anything from someone’s travel blog to blogs literally about roads that are less traveled.   The title of the old blog, however different its meaning may now be and as unoriginal as it may sound, is still relevant for this new one.  This blog will be about taking the “road less traveled” of faith in Jesus Christ; a path to which we are all called.  It will be about discipleship; becoming a follower of Christ on that road and inviting others to join.  It will be about worship; who is this mysterious sovereign?  It will be about struggle: What does it mean to live as God’s “called out people” in the 21st century.  I’ll post just about anything falling under that heading from prompts and questions about upcoming sermons and sermon series, links about what The Church is doing in the world, to inspirational videos. 

Enjoy The Road Less Traveled.


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  1. Hey man I love reading your blog and it rocks!! How are u doing today? Hey I have a facebook page and my url is up above!! Hey would u send me a friend’s request so we can keep in touch!! God Bless u and your wonderful family!!

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